Promotion Point is the leading experience marketing agency in Finland - we meet consumers exactly where they spend their time.
We develop our operations and our staff constantly, and we are looking for even better solutions to support sales and marketing of our customers.

We employ the best people. We have done co-operation with for example Sanoma Group, the Finnish Red Cross, Finnair, Tesla Motors and several other international and Finnish companies.

Promotion Point – Where it all began

The company’s origins date back to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport, where Daniel Holmström and Markus Pukari met while working on selling credit card agreements. Daniel and Markus were both dreaming of setting up their own business.

In the summer of 2006 Promotion Point Oy was founded. Work began immediately and the first quarter’s growth rate was already very impressive. It was obvious that there is a need for a company like Promotion Point.

Entrepreneurship has been a continuous learning and growth cycle for the two friends; as the establishment of the company and the achieved success has not come by itself. When you move out of your comfort zone there’s a higher potential to achieve something great!

Dynamic employer

We believe that the key to happiness is found in a rewarding work environment and in good working community. We want to be the best potential employer for our employees.

Today Promotion Point employs more than 250 employees around the country.

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Reliable partner

During our career, we have implemented thousands of campaigns and millions of encounters with a large number of different customers. Our customers represent a huge spectrum of different types and sizes of companies and associations, both Finnish and international. Our business extends to the whole territory of Finland and beyond; our offices are located in Helsinki, Tampere and Turku.

We strive to establish long-term partnerships with our customers and partners.

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