Promotion Point is Finland’s leading experience marketing agency.
Our services include face-to-face encounters, promotions as well as b-to-b encounters.

Talking with people is always an experience; it has an effect, it will be remembered and above all, it provides an opportunity to realize new things. You can encounter us at airports, shopping centers, fairs, stations, outdoor events and schools.

Services and locations

We represent and sell our customers’ products. Whether it’s a car, newspaper, credit card, e-contract or fund-raising. We approach customers with a smile and an open mind, we find them with new even better solutions.

Take a look in more detail the different operating locations by clicking on the images:


At airports you can reach a unique audience and make a memorable impact in a high-quality environment. There's a good opportunity to spend time with a customer, who might not otherwise have time. We have years of experience in successful operation at Helsinki airport. We will find your company exactly the right way and the location at the airport.


In shopping centers you can reach customers who have come there to spend time and already have purchase intentions.
Face-to-face sales and promotions encourages impulse purchases. We have a long co-operation with various shopping centers as well as shopping center operators; therefore we know where you can reach your target audience effectively.


Outside everything seems brighter! An outside campaign stands out from the ordinary street life and attracts attention. At outside events you can reach a large audience and at the same time spend time with the customers. A great example is one of our creations; the Sanoma summer bikes in downtown Helsinki.


At fairs you meet the largest audiences in one place, and exactly the right target group. People have come there to spend time, so the campaign reaches them at the right moment. At fairs you want to be active and as well as stand out.


At these traffic hubs you can reach a vast amount of people every day of the year. We know how to engage the right travelers.


Back to school! This is where the future buyers and decision makers are. Things move fast and this is one place where you can reach young adults and engage.

Face-to-face sales encounters

Face-to-face sales encounters help you stand out, you get positive visibility for your brand and increase your sales. We build effective solutions for our clients and create impressive face-to-face encounters with customers in different operating environments.

Our extensive network of contacts enables the implementation of high-quality and efficient campaign.


Promotions and events

We can create everything from a smaller sales promotions to extensive promotional tours. We have the ability produce and implement everything from the beginning to the end.

We will provide you with the support of our professional project management and production staff to ensure the smooth operation of the campaign. We will select and train the most suitable workers nationwide for the campaign.

Shorter pilot campaigns and launch events? No problem; our services are scalable.

Our boat sails nimbly against the mainstream. Our staff are working on land and sea, airports, shopping malls, retail outlets, fairs and online.



For years, we have implemented high quality and professional fundraising campaigns in a number of international and domestic organizations and associations.

Trust, transparency and integrity are vital in our fundraising campaigns. We also implement high-quality back office services to support fundraising and sales.


B2B – sales

We provide high quality b-to-b sales to existing customers, as well as, to our new customers. We have created a smart approach to approaching companies, in which we create direct sales on company visits. On a daily basis, our sales team are where the buyers are, meeting entrepreneurs and making sales for you.


Audits and surveys

Comprehensive audits as well as thorough surveys will ensure your brand’s visibility. We will carry out high quality store and Duty Free audits as well as thorough surveys in different environments with years of experience.