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“Promotion Point is just good and beautiful!”

– Juho M.

“It’s all about the attitude!”

– Julius L.

Job titles


Our promotional salespersons are working in various marketing events. We work for example at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, fairs and shopping centers. We are looking for a sales-minded and energetic person with courage to face customers. Great attitude, determination and smile are the key to success.



We are looking for fundraisers who are sales minded, customer-oriented, and have interest in ethical issues. We encounter new customers face to face, which is why we want our employees to have the courage to meet new people with a happy and cheerful attitude.

We appreciate previous experience of fundraising or sales, but you can also be a beginner with a great attitude and high motivation to become a great fundraiser. Your aim is to develop your fundraising or sales skills and become a professional in the area of marketing and sales!

Career stories

Hello I’m Alex!
I got hired at Promotion Point in June 2017 and have been in the WWF team since then. This type of job felt like a challenge I wanted to try out, and I discovered as time went on how much I enjoy it! Talking to people, finding people who really care and encouraging them to join our cause is really interesting. 

In the meantime, my Finnish got better from the courses I have been doing so I also love to practice with the people we meet when possible.

The best thing in Promotion Point is the team spirit we have and how we look out after each other: if one of us has a bad day, we help out and build a bit of a family!


Job Application

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Getting the job

After sending the application, a job interview will follow. After which we will notify you if you’ve got the job.


“I assured my skills to the recruiter and got to sign the employment contract straight away. I am still happy with my decision.”

– Anniina R.


1. Product training

Product training offers knowledge of the product, which is needed to be successful in sales. The first step of the employment is product training and become familiar with the product.

2. Sales training

During sales training, we teach the new employees the secrets of sales. Practical examples and tips are a good starting point for being successful in sales.

Going to your first shift

The first shift is always exciting. With the help of the training, new employees are ready to take the challenge. The first shifts are always done together with a mentor.



As a constantly growing and evolving company, we can offer a lot of advancement and promotion opportunities for our employees. With a good grip on the work, an employee may proceed to being on a path towards big dreams.


“I started as a promoter over a year ago. I really liked the work, and things started to work well. Already in my first summer, I got responsibility of running the airport stands. Now I graduated from school and started to work full time and I was accepted to Promotion Point’s sales management trainee program. I will run my own team starting from this spring.”

-Julius L.

Good luck with the job hunting!

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